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Entervals is about empowering managers to build the best teams


At Entervals, we design training and coaching sessions to support and empower managers to succeed in their team leading journey.


Leading teams is hard and doing it for the first time is even harder, especially when taking over from someone else.

Following this 1-day training, you will learn from practical real life experience, get specific answers to your challenge as a new people manager and leave with a toolbox specifically crafted to make your new journey as people manager successful.

We highly recommend that you book a few coaching sessions with us in addition to this training to be fully supported during your integration.


When it comes to becoming a people manager, we know for a fact that expertise is not a friend. It may give the newly appointed manager instant credibility, but it is quickly not enough and major dysfunctions and conflicts appear.

There are completely different mindset and skills to acquire in order to successfully lead a team.

Following this 1-day training will give you the key lessons to step into this exciting new position of people manager. You will benefit from real life experience and we will tailor made our presentation to your unique context and challenges.

We highly recommend that you book a few coaching sessions with us in addition to this training to be fully supported during your integration.


In a more global market, finding and retaining talent can be hard. It happens that a given expertise can be mostly found in a specific region.

These types of dependencies have contributed to the growth of remote teams in nearly every industries.

While building a team culture can be a challenge locally when all the tools and physical presence are available, creating one remotely can be even more daunting for the untrained team manager.

  • How to properly integrate the remote team members in the information and decision process?
  • How to communicate properly across cultures? Across time zone?
  • How to create trust and build upon it?

This 1-day training will give you all the key lessons and answer you need to start working remotely. We will base our advice on our experience running teams globally but also on your experience and every bits of wisdom literature has offered on this topic to date.


Do you feel like you struggle sometimes to keep your frustrations to yourself in front of colleagues? Do you find it hard not to be annoyed because you can see that your body language betrays you?

If you want to understand your emotions better in order to be more in control of them and yourself, this training is for you.

This training is essentially focused on translating theory into practice and it is specifically designed to help you work on yourself and your situation.

You will benefit from a 1/2 day of training on managing crisis situations and you will meet in small groups for three 3-hour sessions with our facilitator and a clinical psychologist to learn how to master your emotions and body language over time.



When leading a project, a team or implementing change, communication is key to success.

In this 2-day training, we will show you how to craft and deliver the appropriate communication, both to internal and external stakeholders.

We will give you tips and techniques and you will practice storytelling and visual facilitation.

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