Interim R&D Management

Entervals helps making sure that your team members are never left without a purpose and direction, or simply helps empowering them to choose their own.

Competence areas

My passion for challenges has taken me to various industries and domains. In each of these industries I have found the human factor in building teams to be the most rewarding experience. I enjoy building high-performance team through trust, fun and empowerment.
As a people manager I grow self-steering teams able to identify and solve operational issues while still being present to coach, escalate, intervene and take the lead when required. As a people manager I believe in clearing the path forward for my team to succeed.

I am experienced in managing the fragile balance between breakthrough and incremental product innovation which is key to successful technical product management.
I can help your organization in formulating and implementing technological innovation in the context of a company-wide innovation strategy.

A company is a dynamic environment where natural attrition can create gaps and key roles going missing. While talent can be found internally, it must in many cases be coached and grown by more experienced peers. In such transitions I can provide my help in coaching senior technical profiles for new management roles within the organization.

Range of industries

Aerospace & Defense
AV Industry
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