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First-Time Leaders

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Leading Your First Team is both

Scary and Demanding.

It is also an amazing experience when the proper support network and coaching is in place.

New managers often feel overwhelmed with their new responsibilities, and struggle at switching from an individual contributor to a team enabler.

This feeling is often reinforced when growing from within the team and having to manage and lead former colleagues and friends.

This transition is crucial and needs to receive the right amount of caring and coaching by senior management.

How We Empower You In This Journey

First-Time Lead Coaching
First-Time Leader Journey [Mentoring]

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

We provide best-in class mentoring from “the trenches” for Leaders based on our extensive experience leading teams of all size in a wide range of industries.

Our program is tailored to YOU.

First-Time Leading Teams
First-Time Leading Teams [Public Training]

Leading teams is hard and doing it for the first time is even harder

Following this 1-day training, you will learn from practical real life experience, get specific answers to your challenge as a new people manager.

This training is also available for delivery ONLINE (3x 2.5 Hours).

From Expert To Manager
From Expert 2 Manager [Public Training]

When becoming a leader, former expertise is not always a friend. It may give instant credibility, but it is quickly not enough and major dysfunctions often appear.

Following this 1-day training, you will be able to capitalize on your existing strength without hurting your new mandate.

First-Time Leading Teams
Leading Remote Teams [Public Training]

While building a team culture can be a challenge locally when all the tools and physical presence are available, creating one remotely can be even more daunting for the untrained team manager.

Following this 1-day training will give you all the key lessons you need to start working remotely.

Globally Shared Expertise


Benefits Of Our Approach

Measurable Outcome

Our in-house training programs are always followed by a retrospective few weeks or months later to assess the success of the learning outcomes with course correction pointers.

Respectful Of Your Time

Our on-site and online training programs are organized in such a way that learning outcomes are maximized. We map our module around your own energy. We can spread the programs over multiple days where necessary to keep you engaged. 

Feedback is a Gift

Feedback is a gift, yet of little value without proper associated coaching. Our approach is direct and from "the trenches", but we never give you feedback without the tools to implement it.

Great Value For Money

When you follow our courses or coaching programs, you invest your money to get real access to us. No pre-recorded training, you work directly with us and interact live. We keep delivering value through our Podcast and YouTube channel

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