Innovation Management

At Entervals, we believe that innovation lies in people’s ability to work together



Technical debt is a problem that almost all companies now face around the world. Although you cannot avoid it entirely, it can (and it should) be tackled to prevent it from crippling your product or online service.

In fact, very few companies talk about it or take measures to deal with it. Why? Because it does not look like a very sexy topic and because it requires some team coordination and the will to dig into past developments with a critical yet non-judgemental attitude.

This is why we have designed a 3-day hackathon to help you gather your teams, focus on actionable work items and deliver ready-to-implement solutions that will significantly reduce your technical debt in no time. We make it fun and you experiment highly engaging new ways of working.



Agile became a very trendy word, covering all sorts or realities.

The goal of this 2-day workshop is NOT to teach you the agile methodology as something pure that you should absolutely respect. We are convinced that the best working system is the one that will work for you, your teams and your organization.

This is why we will not only show what being agile means but we will help you to concretely implement it in your unique context. With us you will learn by doing: building your backlog, preparing your different the different ceremonies and the communication with your stakeholders, bother internal and external.

At the end of the workshop, you will know what to do, why and how.


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