Inspiring Talks

At Entervals, we nurture your teams with inspiring talks.


Busy Being Curious

When properly encouraged, curiosity leads to surprising career paths and lifelong learning. Do not just take our word for it and book this talk to discover what YOU can do to open up new horizons for yourself.


Play At Work

Discover how serious play as an intentional gathering of people can yield surprising results in innovation, engagement and buy-in, in the office.

Turn Your Technical Debt Into Opportunities

Technical debt is a problem that almost all companies now face around the world. Although you cannot avoid it entirely, it can (and it should) be tackled to prevent it from crippling your product or online service.

We will show you how you can turn this huge pain into great opportunities.


Don't Worry, We'll Fix It With Software

If we had one euro every time we heard this sentence… Unfortunately, this common overconfidence regarding the agility of software almost always lead to crippled products and services. We will show you how to prevent this from happening.


What We Learned From Watching Teams

In this talk you will get to know all the major team dysfunctions that we have encountered working with dozens of teams. But this is only a first step. Our real goal is to show you what you can do to prevent them to harm your teams, products and services.


First Time Manager

The Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to appointing someone people manager and supporting him/her to take on this new responsibility. This talk is also very resourceful for first time managers.

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