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Knowledge Transfer is HARD

This why we never let it be an actual event. We co-create knowledge journeys with you so that there never is anything else

Training Courses Are BORING

Except ours, but we understand your skepticism. Next to making use of highly engaging medium, we make use of highly engaging trainers:
Your team-members and colleagues

Experts Are BUSY

Experts are busy and famously dislike writing things down. But, they love to talk about their knowledge at the coffee corner. We talk to your experts and capture their voices and stories in a frictionless experience for them. 

Top-Down Knowledge Strategies Are SLOW And HEAVY

Knowledge management is a strategic priority, no doubt about this. But it does not mean it should be driven top-down by a strategic task-force.
We capture knowledge where it lives and thrive: among your team.

People TRUST Only Their Peers

Outside trainers, knowledge experts are often met with skepticism. We know that, because we do that too. This is why our focus is solely on your peers’ knowledge and how to capture, package and share it within the organization. 

DEATH by PowerPoint is a Real Thing

Knowledge should never be shared through slides. We believe in sharing visual and audio mental models and save your team the risk of misinterpretation. We feed directly your visual memory and help you retain the essential.

Listen how we simplified a complex learning moment in our latest experiment


Let us understand your knowledge context

Every organization is different, but knowledge, just like people, is central to the future growth of the company and its culture.  A proper strategy and bottom-up tactics are often the strategy to bring people on board the knowledge sharing wagon.

We take the best of both physical and digital interactions and blend them into a lasting knowledge management experience.


Bottom-UP Knowledge tactics

Top down knowledge management strategies rarely succeed to create or capture the value expected. Knowledge workers will often listen to those they aspire to become next, their peers, their mentors in their immediate surrounding.

Giving access into the minds of those they respect, and often listen to during ad-hoc mentoring discussions, or coffee breaks, is a sure tactics to enable a friction free knowledge transfer and expansion.

Together with you, we go on the field with the teams, to understand where the knowledge lives, in whose mind or collective minds. Them we build and spread mental models of this knowledge through highly engaging medium.


CApturing knowledge through visual conversations

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. We could probably stop the argumentation here but there is so much more to tell (or draw). 

Humans have been learning and reflecting thoughts through images since our cave living days, and our brain has been nearly weaponized into a perfect pattern-recognizing machine.

By making use of visual thinking as part of the knowledge management capture and dissemination, we ensure that the message is well understood and retained.

But don’t our words for it, take our sketches instead.



creating knowledge through audio conversations

Podcasts are a privileged source of information, learning and entertainment for millions of people across the world.

Shape an internal communication that truly talks to your people. Preserve and expand what makes you so unique and performing: Your knowledge and human capital.

Put people at the center of your knowledge management strategy:

  • Break free from the tons of messages piling up
  • Have fun collecting and transferring knowledge between people
  • Foster a more team-based, inclusive culture


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