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Your bimonthly podcast about how to build better teams.

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Teams are the foundations of success.

Building and managing teams is hard. Yet, it is one the most important and fulfilling missions to succeed in today’s complex challenges.

More than ever, it is important to share and learn from each other’s mistakes and best practices. This is why we started the Better Teams Podcast.

  • Each month, meet with 2 inspiring team builders: HR professionals, managers, C-level Executives, Managing Directors, and also sport coaches or stage directors.
  • The best of peer-to-peer learning and the most authentic testimonies, from the trenches.
  • Your monthly dose of inspiration to improve your team building capacities and experiment.


What you get (twice a month, nothing more).

  • The latest podcast episode.
  • A summary of the most important and inspiring ideas of our guest.
  • Bonus: book recommendations, and additional resources to keep on learning + you discover our future guest in advance.

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