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Episode 1 - How To Gain Acceptance From The Team

Building better teams is hard especially as you come in as a new manager or get promoted from within.

Gaining acceptance is key as a leader but what is really acceptance? Is it being liked? Is it being respected? At which price should acceptance be sought after?


Episode 2 - How To Strengthen Commitment In The Team?

What can you achieve if your team mates are not committed? Surely not much.
In this episode, Max & Vincent will explore what is behind commitment to give you concrete tips to build and lead better teams.

Why commitment is often misunderstood and what to consider instead?


Episode 3 - How To build Trust Within The Team?

Trust is one of the most important foundations upon which you can build strong and healthy teams. Without this strong foundation, your team will fall apart.

What to do when you have to face an unprecedented forced reality of remote working while suffering from a lack of trust? As a leader, how to avoid compensating a lack of trust


Episode 4 - How To Facilitate Great Retrospectives?

Everything you need to know to design and facilitate great retrospectives.
What is a retrospective session and why is it so important for your team? What are the key components of a successful retrospective? Should conflict be encouraged or tamed during a retrospective? How do you define the success of the event? How do you make it last?


Episode 5 - When The Feedback Gift Keeps On Giving

We often say that feedback is a gift. So why is it so rarely offered, and why so many people are not happy about it?
We talk about positive and negative feedback, are both necessary?
What advice would be good to give to a first time manager about giving feedback to his direct report?
These are some of the questions that Max & Vincent will cover in this episode.


Episode 6 - Conflict Is Not A Tragedy

All the teams must face conflict at some point. Some fear it and would rather avoid it if possible, some others embrace it.
Is a conflicting situation always negative and harmful for the team? Can conflict be good and encouraged? How?
What kind of conflicts is a team likely to face?
What can a manager do when confronted with a negative and harmful conflicting situation between team members?
What can a manager do when confronted to a lot of aggressivity and rejection from the team?


A Talent Developer Tale

Max & Vince are thrilled to discuss talent development through an inspiring discussion with Frédérique Billay, Early Career Talent Manager.
This is the 1st session of a 2-part episode. Expect a whole lot of inspiration and enthusiasm!
In this episode, we will talk about Frédérique’s mission and what makes her job so great.
We will cover key elements that she finds important in talent development nowadays.
Frédérique will talk about her teams and how much teamwork is the condition for achieving great things.
We will also start going back into her past as a manager to touch on the topic of leadership and the gap between masculine and feminine leadership.


Leaders, Do Not Suppress Your Feminine Side

Max & Vince keep on talking with Frédérique Billay, Early Career Talent Manager.
This is the 2nd and last part of their conversation.
In this episode, we will dig deeper into what being a feminine leader can mean, we will discuss the importance of gender diversity, why it is so important to fight for it and what can be done.
Frédérique will talk about her current mission to attract more talented women into the ING International Talent Program.
Last but not least, Frédérique will open up about the importance of finding one’s purpose, and how she built hers.


Episode 7 - Just Promoted: Essential Guide For Team Managers

“A new manager walks into a team…”
In this episode, Max & Vince discuss the topic of team cohesion. They share many tips and real-life experiences, from the perspective of a newly promoted people manager.
What is the definition of a team? What makes and breaks cohesive teams?
What should a manager pay attention to when assessing and fostering cohesive, high-performing teams?
What to do when you feel like you face a lack of cohesion in your team?
Max & Vince will cover all of these questions and more.


A Journey Into Well-Being And Learning At Work

Max & Vince are thrilled to introduce you to Sigrid Van Eepoel.
Sigrid is currently Leadership & Competence Leader at Ikea Group. Over the years, she became an L&D specialist, passionate about the power of learning, teaching, and coaching people and teams. In this interview, we will dig into her extensive experience to share with you her unique perspective on what it takes to develop and lead better teams, from classrooms to public and private organizations.
We will discussed many topics:
  • Collective and collaborative learning.
  • Diversity and how to create a highly inclusive work environment.
  • Constructivist coaching.
  • Democratic Dialogue.
  • How to have more meaningful conversations as a team.
  • Why and how to shape communities of learners.
  • And more!


Episode 8 - Impostor Syndrome Is Here To Stay

“I’ve just been lucky”

“Do I really belong here?”

How many times in your life and career have you left like you didn’t have enough experience, enough credibility or legitimacy?

This is impostor syndrome speaking. We all suffered from it at some point, and it doesn’t go away easily. The truth is that it actually never completely disappears.

In this episode, Max & Vince will help you navigate through this disturbing feeling so that you can deal with it and even turn it to your advantage.


Episode 9 - Why Learning on the Go is Not Enough

“They will learn on the go”, “I learned on the go”.
How many times haven’t we heard these sentences?
Actually, it was even the case for Max & Vince in their professional path, and Max will share a bit of this story.
What does “learning on the go” mean for a new manager? Can it be valuable, and when does it start to be dangerous for the managers and their teams?
Is practice and experience all you need to lead a team? How far can you go with theory?
How do we best learn?
What can you do to train your managers when you are a small structure with not a lot of money and resources?
That’s what Max & Vince will discuss in this episode.


Episode 10 - When a Crisis Exposes Bad Leadership Rather Than Creates It

Leading teams through a crisis can be very hard and highly challenging.
However, let’s shake things up and reassess this situation:
1. It’s actually a great opportunity, both for you as a manager and for the team.
2. A crisis doesn’t harm leadership, but rather expose pre-existing issues.
Max & Vince will discuss the counterproductive leadership behaviors that they have observed in times of crisis, and they will tell you what you can do about them.
They will also give you recommendations of positive things to do in the aftermath of a crisis, to help your team and organization to emerge from it.

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