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Team Success

Team Success

If Business is a Team Sport.
Why is There no Team Practice?

Who would follow a sport team that plays only during official games?
This is, however, what is asked from teams in the workplace:

Being operational without training.

Behind the notion of team, there are complex realities and processes:

  • A group or people with different skills, interests and habits.
  • An inter-dependency with regard to information and resources.
  • The necessity to have a shared goal towards which combining efforts.

Multiple difficulties and pitfalls can occur at every level and cripple (if not put an end to) any team cohesion.

How We Enable Your Team Success

First-Time Lead Coaching
Interim Management [Consulting]

Sometimes the best way to help is to really deep dive within your organization and your teams to help you shape and deliver the change.

When time is of the essence we will jump in directly to steer the change.

We will also prepare a succession plan not only for the team but also for its future leader taking over.

Team Relaunch
Your Team Reboarding [In-house Training]

Working as a team is hard work when TRUST is not in place.

Following this 1-day training, you will have understood each other intrinsic motivations. You will have designed and built your team aspirational identity together with a communication and delegation plan.

You will be ready to get back to an high-performing team pace.

Team Coaching
Team Coaching Journey [Coaching]

We embark on a journey with you and your team. We not only coach the team but every individual in it.

Inspired by the 5 dysfunctions of a team of P. Lencioni, we go deep together to build the foundations for psychological safety. 

With several modules spread over 1 to 3 months, we accelerate the team maturity and set the stage for a self-steering future.

Team development
TeamPitfalls® Workshop [In-House Training]

We go far beyond team building, we develop teams by uncovering their pitfalls.
We visit all the possible pitfalls of the team but in a safe, playful, yet serious environment.

The robot is used as a product proxy and exposes the team to issues common in a project.

This method is used with teams at every level of the organisation.

Building Better Teams

After 10 years managing international teams in diverse fields such as medical, aerospace, robotics, construction or fintech, Maxime Castéra developed the TeamPitfalls® method to challenge his teams and force them out of their comfort zone.

The robot is used as a proxy for a product being developed and contributes to exposing team members to people, technical, planning or even political issues well known in a corporate project, but in a safe and feedback-friendly environment.

The key learning is no-one can succeed alone, the answer is in the Team.

Globally Shared Expertise


Benefits Of Our Approach

Measurable Outcome

Our in-house training programs are always followed by a retrospective few weeks or months later to assess the success of the learning outcomes with course correction pointers.

Respectful Of Your Time

Our on-site and online training programs are organized in such a way that learning outcomes are maximized. We map our module around your own energy. We can spread the programs over multiple days where necessary to keep you engaged. 

Feedback is a Gift

Feedback is a gift, yet of little value without proper associated coaching. Our approach is direct and from "the trenches", but we never give you feedback without the tools to implement it.

Great Value For Money

When you follow our courses or coaching programs, you invest your money to get real access to us. No pre-recorded training, you work directly with us and interact live. We keep delivering value through our Podcast and YouTube channel

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